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Learn about the music of The Last of Us and the composer behind it

by: Russell -
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While we're all waiting for The Last of Us to be launched next month, Naughty Dog has recently released a new video that talks about the music from the game with the composer himself, Gustavo Santaolalla.  Santaolalla has done some work in the film industry winning multiple awards for his music in multiple movies such as Babel and Brokeback Mountain, yet he has never composed any music for a video game until now.  Just by listening to the music in the video, the soundtrack sounds pretty good.

If you're interested in hearing more of the music from The Last of Us, you have three options.  First, you can head over to the SoundCloud page for the game.  Next, you can purchase the soundtrack via CD over on Amazon for about $13.  Finally, those who pre-order the game via the Sights & Sounds DLC pack you'll receive a digital copy of the soundtrack.

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