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News Roundup: Bizarro Gold Turkey Offense

by: Randy -
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Thanks go to Atomic Gamer, MMORPG.com, Killer Betties, and Legit Reviews for today's News Roundup.

  • Arthur and the Invisibles (based on the movie) is ready for a trial run.  Mash up Tak with Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and you'll have a good visual of what's in store.
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  • Superman Returns your "Bizarro" affections.
  • But here come the supermen of real-time strategy: The Total War series.  Bask in Medieval 2: Total War's "Gold" and "Turkey" trailers (those titles not meant to be a Thanksgiving reference).
  • Caesar 4 filmed some "Plebes Gone Wild" in WMV/Low, WMV/High, QT/Low, and QT/High formats.
  • Cheer for the Wii "Offense" trailer in Madden 2007, or some Wii Far Cry Vengeance.
  • Hate read me files?  Well then get a video tutorial of Dream Lords instead.
  • Prefer some addiction to go with your gameplay?  Here are video packs for Every Extend Extra and Lumines.
  • Civil war in professional wrestling.  This is a good thing.  WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007.
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