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Resident Evil: Revelations gets a demo on Steam

by: Russell -
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It's no secret that Resident Evil: Revelations is coming to consoles and the PC in a week or so.  It's also no secret that Resident Evil: Revelations is one of the best 3DS games for the system and (at least in my opinion) should see similar success on current gen consoles and PC.  However, if you're not quite ready yet to take the plunge on the PC version, Steam has released a demo for the game if you want to check it out prior to its launch.  If you're a fan of Resident Evil, I'd definitely recommend at least checking out the demo.  I'm not the biggest fan of the series (stupid typewriters and always running out of ribbon), but I really enjoyed my time with the 3DS version (well, at least until my ammo ran dry, but a lot of that was my own fault).