Free DLC inbound for Soul Sacrifice

by: Jeremy -
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In addition to a variety of paid DLC in the works for the excellent Soul Sacrifice, there are at least a trio of free packs headed to game as well. The various packs will be rolled out over the course of month beginning May 28. The free lineup looks like this:
  • May 28: Headless Knight and Starving Ruin Dwellers Pack which includes two new bosses (Dullahan and Behemoth), one new map (Goliath), new Berserker magic, eight new missions, and augmented reality support.
  • June 11: A Drunk and a Chef Pack which includes two new bosses (Dwarf and Ogre) and eight new missions.
  • June 25: The Wild Wheels and Apparition Pack which brings two new bosses (Ouroboros and Wraith), new Angelus magic, and 8 new missions.
There could be more coming in the future as well as some paid DLC that we haven’t heard about yet. The game is already massive and it looks like it is going to get even larger very, very soon.