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New World of Warships screenshots of New Mexico-class battleship

by: Randy -
More On: World of Warships, makers of World of Tanks, sent us eight all-new screenshots and four renders of their upcoming World of Warships. Take a deceptively peaceful moment to enjoy these non-gun-firing pics of what were once the largest war machines on the entire planet.

The US Navy decommissioned the last battleships in the 1990s, though their golden age began waning the moment aircraft carriers plowed onto the scene in World War II. 

I don't think you understand just how badly I need World of Warships to happen. proved it could craft killer multiplayer combat and a compelling tech-tree grind with World of Tanks, and I have every confidence they'll do good work on World of Warships, too. I'm not ignoring World of Warplanes, but I just like ocean-spanning steel behemoths with triple 14-inch gun turrets a little more. More bang for the buck. I'm obviously compensating for something.

The New Mexico-class battleship is labeled in the renders, but I don't know what class (or nationality) the ship is with the two smokestacks, although I'm guessing the aircraft carrier launching planes with big red dots on them are Japanese. History is hard.

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