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Bethesda big announcement is Fall--... A NEW WOLFENSTEIN!

by: Jeremy -
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Haha! Everybody was SO excited at the possibility of Bethesda announcing Fallout 4 yesterday (I am looking at you John and Travis).. too bad that didn’t happen. Instead, Bethesda pulled a fast one and revealed a game that nobody saw coming: Wolfenstein: The New Order.

That’s right, a new entry in the classic Wolfenstein series is on its way courtesy of MachineGames. The new version is a re-imagining of the franchise and is coming to the PC, 360, PS3, and next generation consoles. There is no specific release window at this time and the details are coming tomorrow through a series of exclusive stories at Gamespot. Until we get all the information, we can at least soak in a very dramatic teaser trailer (courtesy of Gamespot) and dry your tears over the lack of a new Fallout.