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The next Xbox won't force you to be online for single player games

by: John -
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We can all put down our pitch forks and calm down now. An email sent to the staff at Microsoft as reported by Ars Technica has   word that you can expect the console to work without relying on an Internet connection. Things such as single player games and watching Blu-Ray movies.

That means everyone can stop griping AND it looks like it also confirms a Blu-Ray drive will be in there for the next Xbox for both games and movies. Also, something that might interest me more than I thought it would, is the ability to connect an HDMI source and watch TV through the system. Now, I do that with Microsoft's excellent Windows Media Center, but I'm curious to see what they have in store for those that don't have a PC with a cable card in this area.

The event to talk about the next Xbox is a few weeks away, but this should go a long way in clearing that little mess up. Now,  can we go back to talking about what this system might bring to the table that will befefit us all as well as what games are going to come out