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Awesomenauts are...1!

by: Russell -
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It's been about one year since Awesomenauts was launched worldwide on the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Since that day, over a dozen updates have been made that includes adding items, new characters, and a new map, along with the usual balance adjustments that come with a lot of games today.  To celebrate, Ronimo Games has released a new video that showcases the progress the game has made since it's inception back in 2010, including some footage that has never been shown before.  Ronimo Games has also released a video showing off an upcoming skin known as Leon Pirate.  Leon Pirate will be the first premium skin and will be released with updat 1.18.  The skin will also replace the audio for the character, which according to the video makes the character have a French accent...or just speak French entirely.
‚ÄčAwesomenauts celebrates first birthday!

It's already been a year since the cartoon MOBA Awesomenauts landed on consoles worldwide! Since then over a dozen updates have been released adding items, skins, characters and recently even a new map! The game launched with a cast of 6 galactic mercenaries, that number has more than doubled to 13 today. Additionally a ton of balance adjustments have been made, always with the help of the community.

To celebrate, we've released a new video, showing the progress the game made since it's inception. It contains some never before seen footage of the game during various states of development! It moves through all updates ending in 1.17, the latest update containing the new map. The video is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOa8IHvGRLE

And there's still tons more coming up! Right now 1.18 is being put through it's paces in beta. It contains another balance overhaul and the first premium skin, Leon Pirate! This is a new type of skin that also completely replaces the audio for the character. Check him out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwj85mmYuxI

There are also more new characters getting geared up for future updates. One of them is Admiral Swiggins, the winning character of the design-your-Awesomenaut contest!