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Wii U Update is live

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: Nintendo Wii U
If you weren't already aware, Nintendo has released the latest Wii U firmware update, bringing the console up to version 3.0.0. I've tinkered around with it a little and it does offer some decent improvements, like letting you stream downloads to the console in the background, even when it's turned off. The patch also drastically shortens the Wii U's atrocious load times, although it's still a little slow for my tastes.

It's nice that these updates are finally rolling out, but I wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't know about it yet. I haven't had much reason to turn my Wii U on since I wrapped up my Monster Hunter 3 review so the update took me a little by surprise. I did grab a few downloadable titles--Kirby's Adventure NES on the Virtual Console (Nintendo is still running the Famicom 30th Anniversary sale with select games for only 30 cents) and Tank!Tank!Tank! is now a free download, so playing around with the new VC features is fun.

As always the Wii U is a great system just bursting with potential, and it's cool to see the improvements that the updates bring, but there's just so little to do with the console right now. Nintendo better have some killer stuff in their Nintendo Direct pressers leading up to E3, because I'm getting worried that Wii U might go the way of the Dreamcast before the year is out.
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