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Netherealm Studios makes it official. Batgirl is the next DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us

by: Nathan -
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No sense in them holding off on the announcement now. Yesterday it appeared that someone screwed up as DLC for Batgirl in Injustice: Gods Among US showed up on the Xbox Live marketplace unannounced and for free. You could try downloading it, but you would receive and error once it reached 100%. It didn't take long for this info to hit the web and gamers to start speculating. 

Well Netherealm went ahead and confirmed the news via their Facebook earlier today and released an official in-game screen shot.

They didn't release any other details besides for saying that a gameplay video will be revealed sometime next week.  

I still have mixed thoughts about this, but I guess I'll just wait to see how she plays in-game and I really hope she is drastically different than Batman. 

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