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Nintendo Download for 05/02/2013

by: Jeremy -
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Now that the Virtual console has made its way to the Nintendo Wii U, you can expect to see a lot more retro updates in the weekly Nintendo Download. Make sure to check your Nintendo digital shop of choice for the following titles this week:
  • Armageddon Operation Dragon for 3DS / DSi on eShop
  • Balloon Fight for 3DS Virtual Console
  • BearShark for 3DS on eShop
  • Gummi Bears Magical Medallion for 3DS on eShop
  • Kung Fu Rabbit for Wii U on eShop
  • Mega Man for Wii U Virtual Console
  • My Riding Stables 3D: Jumping for the Team for 3DS on eShop
  • Pac-Man for Wii U Virtual Console
  • TANK! TANK! TANK! (digital version) for Wii U on eShop