The hoard has arrived! Zombie Tycoon 2 now on Playstation Network

by: Nathan -
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Frima Studios new RTS Zombie Tycoon 2 hits the PSN today and good news for everyone its another cross-buy title meaning you can buy it once for Vita or PS3 and you will get the other version for free. The game will also be cross-play meaning you can play on the PS3, save it to the cloud, continue playing on your Vita and viceversa. 

Ive been playing Zombie Tycoon 2 for a bit for review and its pretty fun. Im not a huge fan of RTS games but I love how its simplified enough for consoles that you dont have to click a thousand menus and boxes constantly while you are trying to play the game. Its also got some MOBA aspects of the game where there is that constant fighting back and forth pushing your enemy back and advancing factor to it. Also it has some good strategy to it as well. Do you rush your opponents catching them off guard? Or do you hang back, building your defense. 

Here is what you can expect from Zombie Tycoon 2
  • The game is available for $9.99 however if you are a Playstation Plus member you get it for free.
  • A balanced RTS game designed for consoles with a bit of MOBA infused into it with four special monsters units with six unique zombie units (Brawlers, Scavengers, Samurai, Cleaners and Scouts)
  • Cross buy and cross save functionality with PS3 and Vita
  • A single player campaign featuring Orville defending his conquered territory and Brainhov trying to reclaim his former glory. 
  • strategic, 1v1 online multiplayer battles which utilizes the cross play technology 
  • graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3
In addition the first game will be available for the price of $2.99. 

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