Now Loading for the week of April 29, 2013: Give and Take Edition

by: Jeremy -
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The moral of this week’s batch of releases is that you have to give a little something in order to get something in return. Obviously, I am referring to the release of Inafune and Marvelous AQL’s masterpiece Soul Sacrifice. I can’t really such much more about the game until the review goes live tomorrow morning, but that should give you some idea of my thoughts on the project.

Two titles are getting our spotlight this week:

Deadly Premonition- The Director’s Cut: ToyBox Inc.’s update to the cult classic Deadly Premonition exclusively on the PlayStation 3.  This is a non-linear, open-world experience set in the town of Greenvale where you are charged with investigating the murder of a young woman. As you delve deeper into your investigation, more women will turn up dead, proving that this is more than just a random incident. The Director’s Cut version of the psychological survival horror video game will feature updated controls, Stereoscopic 3D support, updated HD visuals, full PlayStation Move support, and a variety of new downloadable content. Matt was very happy with what he saw during his preview of the game back in January and has nothing but high hopes for the final, retail release.

Soul Sacrifice: The Vita owns this week’s marquee title with Marvelous AQL’s Soul Sacrifice. Think Monster Hunter meets Devil May Cry but presented in a very unique manner, as I explained in my preview last week. The game is narrated by a book which tells you the tale of a sorcerer from an ancient guild charged with ridding the world of monsters. As you read through his tales, learning of the life that eventually drove him mad, you will get to live out his various experiences and quests in flashback form. As you dive deeper into the world within this devilish book, you will set out on a series of missions, ridding the world of devilish creatures both alone and with friends but the action is non-stop and fast paced. The core mechanic of the game is that you have to give something to get something, hence the use of the word “sacrifice” in the title. Players can sacrifice items and parts of their character’s body in exchange for power; the only thing is, these sacrifices are permanent therefor they aren’t a resource that you can endlessly tap into. This is a very deep and dark game, definitely not one for the kiddies.

This week’s full lineup consists of the following: