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Lobo, coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us May, 7th

by: Nathan -
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Injustice: Gods Among Us has only been out for a few weeks but a new character will be joining the cast on May 7th and we have a trailer for you below. 

His official move list hasnt been announced yet but we can get an idea about his special moves from the new trailer. It appears he has a low shotgun blast, a mid shotgun blast, a grappling hook that acts like Scorpions spear from Mortal Kombat, an anti air grapple hook, a pop up grapple, and it looks like his power move may be the ability to load his shotgun with bullets which can be used for additional damage. This is all just speculation though. We will find out everything when he is released. 

No price has been announced yet but you can buy the seasons pass for Injustice for $14.99 and get the character along with three others as they are released for a discount.
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