The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot revealed - a mix of looting and defend your loot from others

by: Chuck -
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I imagine the pitch for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot went something like this:

"It's a bit like Dungeon Keeper in that you design dungeons to defend your own loot but it's also a bit like Dungeon Siege in that you get to go raid other people's dungeons and steal their gold.  Oh and you can totally customize your appearance and there's an Autolog like system where you can see who's beaten your dungeon and what they took which adds a cool competitive leaderboard layer on top." 

This probably generated a lot of puzzled looks and then I imagine then they showed them this trailer for the game and then it made a significantly bit more sense:
While the attempts at humor are a bit over the top the action of the game does look very interesting as there are a couple of really cool design concepts in play.  As someone who spends hours honing their Mech loadouts in MechWarrior Online the thought of having a dungeon to build and iterate on does sound like a lot of fun.  The ability to see who beat your dungeon and then get your money back is also pretty cool for hyper competitive people like me.  The game is now taking applications for its closed alpha so be sure to register if you found the footage as interesting as I did.