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Download Fez, play Fez, wear a fez

by: Nathaniel -
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Fez was the foreign exchange student on That 70's Show played by Wilmer Valderrama is a downloadable title that follows the adventures of Gomez as he tries to navigate his way through a world where the third dimension is so new hipsters claim they liked it before it was cool.

Gog.com is taking pre-orders for their DRM-free version of Fez set to come out around May 1.  If you decide to pre-order Fez on Gog.com, then not only will you get a sweet game free of security hassles, but you could also win a fez - that's "fez" as in, "What's that funny hat shriners wear during parades?"  Fez on Gog.com will run you $8.99 and all you need to do to enter to win the fez is pre-order Fez, then send an email to contest@gog.com and let them know why you out of everyone else in the world should win a fez. 

Whether or not claiming to be, or actually being, Wilmer Valderrama can improve your chances of winning is currently unconfirmed.  You can get full details right here, also you can follow the jump.

Pre-orders for 2D/3D masterpiece Fez start now
DRM-free digital distributor dares fashion police with “Win a fez for FEZ” contest.

(22 April 2013) -- GOG.com, the DRM-free vendor of gaming gems has become quite a snug home for indie games. The latest entry to GOG's catalog is the magnificent FEZ – a devilishly inventive nostalgia-inspired puzzle platformer. Finally coming to PC, this universally acclaimed mind bender is available for preorder at GOG.com starting today. GOG.com is not only opening up preorders for FEZ, but they're also daring the fashion police giving fans a chance to win their very own fez-style hat.

FEZ lets you explore a once peaceful 2D world flipped on its head by an amazing discovery of a 3rd dimension. As Gomez, equipped with an amazing ability allowing for a game-changing perspective shift, you explore a delightfully pixelated realm. With one press of a button impassable gaps disappear, hidden doors pop up, and suddenly, solutions sprout in the player's head. At the same time, the clever design of FEZ makes one pay attention to the smallest of details – a lightning bolt illuminates a hidden passageway, a recurring symbol finally points the player in the right direction. FEZ was also featured in Indie Game: The Movie, which documented the game's illustrious escape from development hell and the steady march towards its triumphant release.

After building an impressive, dedicated community on consoles, this masterfully-balanced game is finally coming to PC. You can preorder FEZ on GOG.com starting today for only $8.99 and have a go at winning a fez for a major fashion statement. To enter the contest just 1. Pre-order FEZ on GOG.com 2. Write to contest@gog.com why you should win a fez.

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