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Fire Pro Returns coming to PSN as a Playstation 2 classic next week. Dont worry its not the Xbox Arcade Game

by: Nathan -
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I cant remember the last time I was this excited about a game being put up on a digital service. Confirmed on the latest Playstation Blogcast, next week the greatest wrestling game of all time (in my opinion) Fire Pro Wrestling is heading to PSN as part of the PS2 classics section. Im assuming this is the North American import version of the Japanese game of the same name but in English. Hopefully it is

Fire Pro Wrestling has been an incredibly long wrestling series over in Japan that has been released since the late 1980's. Fire Pro Wrestling has a unique style where the game feels like an old school wrestling game and the gameplay is simplistic but the depth in this game is unbelievable.

The game ships with over 300 wrestlers from around the world. Some are real and some are knock offs of well known talent like TNA and WWE wrestlers but thats okay cause all you have to do is just go into the character editor and change their names. Not enough for you? Well you also have room to create up to 500 more wrestlers for the game. The amount of customization with each wrestler is crazy as well. You also have the ability to create your own logos, rings, championship belts and more. The game also has tons of match types and variations to those match types so there are literally thousands of different combination of matches you have play. 8 man tag team, landmine, florescent light tube, death match? Yes please! 

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