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Steam and GamersGate charged with Arcen in 75% off sale

by: Randy -
More On: AI War Tidalis A Valley Without Wind A Valley Without Wind 2
Shattered Haven? Tidalis? AI War: Fleet Command? A Valley Without Wind? Reluctantly, I admit I've never dug into Arcen Games' library before. But this week poses the lowest barrier to entry for their entire catalog, because they've slashed prices across a couple sites.

In Steam's Weeklong Deals, there's a no-joke 75% off all four titles. That means it's $2.49 to wander the Zed-head wastelands of Shattered Haven. It's $1.24 for some block-based casual puzzles in Tidalis. It's another $2.49 to rebuild humanity clinging onto deep-space for survival in AI War. And there's a dual pack of the free-roaming, 2D, procedurally generated A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2 for $3.74.

I just did the math for you. $9.96 nets you a solid foundation of Arcen's entire lineup, and not one of these titles looks like it plays like any of the others. But if you don't want to put all your money-eggs into one gamer-basket, AI War is part of GamersGate's IndieFort Spring Bundle, which puts five games in your hands for a tidy $7.99. That bundle also happens to include the first-person tower defense shooter, Sanctum, and old-timey map strategy title, Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader (which is simply called Ancient Trader on XBLA).

Arcen Games couldn't make it any simpler, and if they made it any cheaper, they'd have to pay you to play these games. Sale ends April 21 on GamersGate, and April 22 on Steam.