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Defiance issues addressed by Trion; players rewarded for sticking it out.

by: Sean Cahill -
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While I continue to trudge through the world of Defiance, I have noted some of the issues I've come across while enjoying the sci-fi MMO shooter.  Trion Worlds addressed these issues as soon as possible and have rewarded their players for sticking it out and helping make Defiance a success across all platforms.  Some goodies have been distributed to those who have helped launched the title in the form of various boosts to weapon skills, experience points, and looting.  

The primary issue that players were experiencing was some instability with the client itself on the PC version, as well as some lag time issues in some more heavily populated areas.  These issues are not uncommon for any MMO that has just launched, and fans of the game have responded positively to Trion commitment to this title.  Here's to happy hunting in Defiance on some up to date information!

In an effort to make amends for some of the tech issues at launch and as a thank you to fans, Trion has sent your Defiance account a gift*:

·         Exclusive Launch-Only In-Game Title: Daredevil

·         1-Week Weapons Skill Boost

·         1-Week Scrip Boost

·         1-Week Loot Boost

·         1-Week XP Boost


Meanwhile, Trion has been working around the clock to deliver a gaming experience that exceeds fan expectations. There is a massive client patch coming next week and then another two weeks after that. Here are some of the fixes that are planned:



·         Improved server and client stability.

·         Main missions are now replayable after completion of the last mission.

·         Extraction timer upped from 30 to 90 seconds to allow more time for fellow players to revive you.

·         Optimized objects throughout the world to minimize pop-up and improve overall performance.

·         Area voice chat has been improved and is now off by default.

·         Voice and text chat channels can now be muted independently.

·         Text chat now displays for longer and no longer hides when sprinting or boosting.



·         General polish and bug fixes for all missions and side missions.



·         Bug Fixes



·         General polish and bug fixes for all co-op and solo maps.