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Metro: Last Light - Ranger Survival Guide chapter 1

by: Nathaniel -
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You have to commend the makers of Metro 2033 for having ideas and sticking to them.  Not all of them worked, but in a gaming environment where new ideas seem to be generally upsetting to the ones who sign the checks, it's nice when a game manages to be demonstrably different.  I, personally, wasn't a fan, but that was because of the large amount of melee enemies - I hate melee enemies in first person shooters.

I don't know if Metro 2033's upcoming sequel, Metro: Last Light, has taken steps to rectify the melee enemy situation, but since I don't hold gaming grudges, I'm willing to let it go and say that Metro: Last Light looks like a solid entry in the FPS Conference, Half-Life 2 Division.  If I get a chance to play it, I will be very excited. 

To help build up that excitement for the rest of you, Deep Silver has released a strategy walkthrough called the Ranger Survival Guide.  This is part 1 of 3:

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