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Total War: Rome II - biggest screenshot ever

by: Nathaniel -
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The Battle of Teutoburg forest isn't really a battle as much as it's a possible episode of Unsolved Mysteries.  To us today, it's probably more easy to believe aliens, super-Yetis, or aliens riding super-Yetis were responsible for the annihilation of 15,000 Roman soldiers rather than the barbarians of Germania circa 9AD.  For pete's sake, they didn't even have machine guns then.  Are we supposed to believe 15,000 men wearing armor were stabbed to death?  That must have taken years.

Anyway, the Total War people though it deserved its own panoramic screenshot.  You can see it below (and you can find a higher rez image at  To call it big would be an understatement.  It's 30000 x 9785 pixels which makes it bigger than the last Biggest Screenshot Ever, the siege of Carthage.

Total War: Rome II comes out later this year.  Check it out online at, @totalwar on Twitter, and

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