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Play XBLA games, earn XBL Awards

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft launched a special promotion this week for Xbox Live Rewards members. Members of the program now have access to  MyPunchcard, which will track your activity on Xbox Live and reward you for hitting certain benchmarks. Throughout the month of April, there are 3 levels of rewards being offered:
  1. play 20 hours of any combination of XBLA games
  2. purchase any four XBLA games priced 400 MSP or more
  3. spend 3200 MSP on XBLA games
Completing each tier will earn you a reward. The first one will garner you a free avatar item, tier 2 nets you a free month of Xbox Live Gold, and the final tier will get you a bonus of 800 MSP added to your account. It is an easy way to get some free stuff just by doing the things you do normally: playing games.