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Sacred Citadel set to launch on PSN and XBLA this month

by: Jeremy -
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Deep Silver has announced a release date for the side-scrolling installment in the Sacred series, Sacred Citadel. The game, which has been shown off extensively over the past year, will finally launch on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on April 16, 2013. The game looks to blend the worlds of the beat’em up and the RPG, much like other games have been doing recently.

Along with the release date announcement, the developers also revealed the fourth and final character class of the game: the Seraphim Mage. Fans of the Sacred series should be extremely familiar with this character as it is often viewed as the figurehead for the franchise. The Seraphim Mage, as the name implies, relies heavily on offensive magic; she is capable of staying in the background and reigning hell on your enemies at will with her trusty spell book and wand. A new trailer was released showing off her abilities, which you can find below, and look forward to the game in just a few short weeks.