PAX East 2013: Zombie Tycoon 2 Preview

by: Nathan -
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RTS games on consoles unfortunately are few and far between. While there have been many attempts before a lot of them just dont get the feel and fun of their PC counterparts. Im happy to say though that Zombie Tycoon 2 the new RTS game from Frima Studios on PS3 and Vita is a very fun game and shows that RTS on consoles can be done correctly. 

Both teams start out on the opposite end of the map moving through the level taking over buildings for power. The more buildings you take, the more zombies you have at your disposal. There are even special buildings that will get you special zombies as well. The entire map is blacked out until you move to that area of the map so you never know what your enemy is up to until you actually cross their path.

At its core, Zombie Tycoon 2 is a RTS game but what makes the game interesting is that the games play out almost MOBA style like League Of Legends where you are constantly fighting, trying to advance forward while pushing back the enemy. There is a lot of strategy that goes into each game as well. Do you take time to take buildings and resources? Do you rush in hoping they are taking the time to acquire buildings? Or you both could be doing the same thing so you could be rushing right into each other. Its extremely fun and set up in a way that no two games are the same. 

The game will also include a single player campaign which should run you about 10 hours and will teach you all you need to know about the game before jumping straight into deathmatch multiplayer. 

Zombie Tycoon 2 be released on April 30th for $9.99 and will also be a cross buy between the PS3 and Vita and also features cross save and cross multiplayer between the two systems. I absolutely love cross buy, cross save between my PS3 and Vita. Its an amazing value and I love being able to play on the console and then continue my game while im away.