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E3 reborn as GamePro expo? What moron came up with this idea?

by: Chuck -
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Gamespot announced last week that the ESA is looking to partner with IDG to come up with a new version of E3 called the GamePro Expo which will be held in October next year.  With E3 being scaled down next year it certainly leaves a void in the gaming world.  The real question is "What happens when you throw a party and nobody shows up?"  By this I don't mean the gamers as I think gamers will flock to the event in droves but rather the publishers. 

The reason companies wanted to scale down E3 was because they were sick of spending a ton of money on the event and now the ESA is expecting them to hold two events (the scaled down E3 and another event).  To think that they would schedule an event like this and not even see if they were interested is kind of insane, especially since Next Gen is reporting that a lot of the big publishers were caught off guard by the announcement. Sure I'm excited about another chance to go to a big gaming convention but who's going to be there to cover?  If the big publishers aren't going to be there then is it really worth flying out to cover a big version of Kentia Hall?  Time well tell but this really seems like a bad idea.
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