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Mechwarrior Online gets a patch that adds the much needed joystick support and lets you move like Jager

by: John -
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I think this is the patch that gets me into Mechwarrior Online. First up, it looks like proper joystick support is finally in. Throttle support, analog turning, and more have been added so now it's time to bust out those flight setups and try it out.

A new mech enters the fray as the Jagermech has been added for Mechwarriors to use. Tourmaline Deset is a new map that's been added. It's a large map that should challenge players in the game. 

?Customizations get a little boost with some new skins and some statues. 

?This patch sounds like it adds some really cool stuff so expect me to be in the game soon. At last, I should be able to pilot a mech like it was meant to be.

Greetings MechWarriors!
This week is the absolute BEST time to jump back into the Innersphere! We’ve added a stunning new map,a killer new Mech and to top it off we’re super proud to introduce all new optional Mech controls for new pilots. Get patching your game NOW whilst we recap all the hottest news for this week. To read up the latest Patch notes – click here.

New User Controls and Joystick Improvements
Think Different! For both novice and veteran MechWarrior pilots, we’ve added some fantastic new optional control options designed to get you racking up BIG scores and rewards. Several new control systems and improvements have been added, including Throttle Decay (gas pedal vs set throttle), Arm Lock to Torso, Joystick Analog turning and more!

Players will also be able to fully customize their key bindings via the Pause Menu during matches. We think this will make a MAJOR difference, especially for new players still finding their ‘Mech feet’. For more details click here!

The Jagermech Has Been Unleashed!
The award for `Mech of the Month’ goes to the JagerMech! Similar to the beverage with the same name, the JagerMech will cause irreversible damage...  to your enemies. Ballistics fans, THIS is your BattleMech! BOOM! BOOM! DAKKA! DAKKA! It’s seriously fun so pick one up in the MechLab today and enjoy delivering the carnage! Read more here.

New Map: Enter the Tourmaline Desert
One of MechWarrior Onlines’ largest maps yet!  This hostile alien world will test the skills of the best MechWarrior pilots, with it’s incredible canyons and scorching temperatures.  Like Alpine Peaks, players will need to change their overall strategies, focusing on offense and defense along with bringing in a balanced BattleMech build. Quite easily our most visually striking map we’ve yet made. Enjoy!!

'Heavy Vs. The World' Leaderboard Challenge Event
We’re super stoked to bring you the next weekend warrior Community Event starting Friday, March 22nd at 10am PST / 1pm EST. Make sure you check out the website this Friday for details! The winners in each leaderboard category will be selected based on their Top 10 match performances. For the first time, winners will be awarded MC!
Opt in here.

Introducing 'Cool Shot'
An extension to the module system, the Cool Shot consumable has arrived and is designed to protect your ‘Mech from overheating during intense firefights. Available in both MC and C-Bill denominations, you can read up on the latest details here.

New Cockpit Customizations!
Last but not least, we have new Cockpit items and skins that will be available soon. Imagine piloting an Atlas with an Atlas statue in the cockpit! Mind = Blown! Also we are proud to bring you the ‘Vagabond’ Pattern that will totally make your ‘mech look like a rock star [or at least a VERY serious battlefield threat!]
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