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Star Trek Gorn trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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So we all know that the Gorn are coming back as the villains in the new Star Trek game based on JJ Abrams's reboot of the classic franchise, known simply as Star Trek because that's in no way, shape, or form utterly confusing. 

If you're not old enough to remember, way back in the 60's before William Shatner became a willing parody of himself, he kicked a Gorn's lizard arse in the original series and fans have been in love with men in lizard suits ever since. 

In Star Trek (the videogame, not the movie or TV show - I told you it wasn't confusing) the Gorn aren't men in lizard suits obviously; they're simply large, violent monsters sporting laser weaponry, and as you can see in the following video, some can even disappear.  If that doesn't make you regret releasing your bearded dragon into the wild because you needed the heat lamp for some other purpose, nothing will.

Star Trek comes out on April 23.  To learn more, you should visit
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