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Now Loading for the week of March 17, 2013: Luck of the Irish Edition

by: Jeremy -
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Once that bad case of Mondays passes and you recover from the St. Patty’s day-that-was, it’s time to settle in and realize that there are new games to play this week... LOTS OF THEM! There are so many big titles launching this week that it is hard to just pick three but if I must, I would have to go with the following:

Gears of War Judgment: The latest Gears of War entry follows the prequel trend and takes things back into time to the military exploits of Baird and Cole before the the first game. The game is presented as a series of flashbacks given during the testimony at a COG military tribunal. The reviews have been pretty positive thus far, garnering a Metacritic score of 79 including an 8.5 from our own Nathaniel Cohen. Long story short, it is more of the same, patented Gears experience with a couple of new modes thrown into the multiplayer experience.

LEGO City Undercover: Traveller’s Tale is stepping out from behind the shadows of licensed properties for an original LEGO adventure with the stellar LEGO City Undercover. Think LEGO meets Grand Theft Auto, without any of the mature material but all of the humor and charm of the blocky worlds TT has patented over the past decade. Many are calling this the best game you can own for Nintendo’s new console, while others are concerned with its attempt to water down the GTA formula; the result could be too “watery”. Our review was glowing and chances are if you like the LEGO concept, you’ll love this game!

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Capcom is jumping on the remake train this week with an updated version of the Wii-classic Monster Hunter Tri. The new version is available for both the Wii U and the 3DS and they can be played in conjunction with one another. Although the 3DS port can’t be taken online like the Wii U, you can transfer your save progress between the two to extend your experience both online and on the go. The reviews are just now starting to flow out and have been very positive, but the game still suffers from the problems the earlier installments in the series do: a super-steep learning curve. We’re have our full review for you shortly.

This week’s full lineup: