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Wii-U trailer for Need For Speed: Most Wanted U

by: Nathan -
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Now these are the types of games I want to see on the Wii: U. This looks like a blast. We have the trailer for you for Need For Speed: Most Wanted U which hits Wii U on March 19th which takes the original Need For Speed: Most Wanted and turns it up a notch.

Utilizing the Wii U gamepad a second player can activate "Co-Driver" mode in which your friend can help you by activating boosts, adjusting cop difficulty, changing the map from night to day, bringing up a map to help navigate, even change the look of the car all while the driver evades police. While we may not have had multiplayer gameplay like this in the past this really looks like it would be the type of fun me and my friends would have huddled by the couch playing Goldeneye or Tony Hawk Pro Skater 

The game also comes with full online play much like its PS3 and 360 counterparts.

Finally with the Wii U purchase you will receive the Ultimate Speed Pack which includes five of the fastest cars ever made.