What We're Playing This Weekend for March 15, 2013

by: Randy -
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God of War got slammed for stomping on a female’s face and handing out a trophy called “Bros Before Hos,” EA is giving away a free game to anybody suffering through SimCity’s launch, and the Tomb Raider reboot is so good no one’s even talking about Lara getting threatened with rape anymore. What are you playing this weekend?

RUSSELL ARCHEY | Staff Writer | Twitter @neoscyther
I know I'm sounding like a broken record week after week, but I just love spending quality time in Skyrim.  I almost have enchanting to 100, and smithing is well on its way there as well. Quest-wise, I only have a few story quests to go, so I'm mainly improving the skills needed to gear up for those. Hopefully in about two weeks time I'll have something different to put here. Not that Skyrim is a bad thing, of course.

NATHAN CARTER | Staff Writer | Twitter @natedoggcata
I think I’m going to switch it up this weekend. While I will still have my Left 4 Dead 2 sessions, most of my time this weekend will be spent with the new Tomb Raider which is absolutely incredible and my front runner for game of the year. Everything about this game is just amazing. The storytelling, the graphics, the gameplay--all outstanding and it sounds absolutely amazing with my Turtle Beach headset as well. Finally, I will be hopping back into some Dead or Alive 5 which is pretty amazing in itself. I know a lot of people dismiss DOA because of all the bouncing boobs and bathing suits, but underneath all of its juvenile humor is a deep and fun fighting game.

SEAN COLLELI | Staff Writer
Oddly enough, this is going to be a DS Lite weekend for me. I finally tracked down two elusive JRPGs for the trusty little portable: Rune Factory 2 arrived a few days ago and Infinite Space should be in the mail now. Why is it that these great games that only came out a couple years ago at most, are now sought-after collector's items that run $60 - $70 secondhand, and just the bare cartridge without the case or manual at that? I hate resorting to Amazon and eBay on these things but the publishers aren't giving me much choice--there wasn't a single copy of Infinite Space at any GameStop, Play N Trade or mom n' pop game store within 100 miles of Columbus. I'd much rather pay full retail price for a fresh shrinkwrapped copy instead of the ridiculously inflated secondhand prices for a solitary cart that's been through God knows what in some kid's backpack.

JEREMY DUFF | Senior Staff Writer | Twitter @duff3c
Don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of this GoW "outrage." That being said, I will be spending this weekend putting my bros before my hoes and playing a lot of God of War: Ascension as well as trying to level up the rest of the roster of Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds.

CHARLES HUSEMANN | Editor-in-Chief, Twitter @chusemann
Will be spending some quality time with SimCity and MechWarrior Online this weekend. I kind of wish someone could combine the two as I'd love to run around my city in my Death Knell commando obliterating misbehaving Sims.

RANDY KALISTA | Staff Writer | Twitter @randykalista
Need to brush up on my Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. After a year-long hiatus, I'm consistently ranking fourth (out of four) on every mission, forcing squad mates to treat me like a Ressuci Annie doll with a gun rather than a Reaper killa with attitude. Also, former Gaming Nexus staffer, Charlie Sinhaseni, who's now PR for the embattled SimCity brand, is prodding me to get my inner civil engineer on and tackle EA's newly installed servers. Just have to make sure my wife doesn't "reticulate" my "spline" for dropping $80 on the digital deluxe.

MIKE MAHARDY | Staff Writer | Twitter @mmahardy
I'll be checking out Dead Space 3's Awakened DLC this weekend to see if it really returns to the horror roots of the series. Aside from that, I'll dive into Castlevania: Mirror of Fate to see what I htink about the next portable installation in the series.

JOHN YAN | Senior Hardware Editor | Twitter @thejohnyan
I will be playing StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm all weekend while checking out SimCity and maybe throw in a run or two of Diablo 3.
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