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Overkill Software reveals Payday 2!

by: Nathan -
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Its very rare when games can be secretly announced these days. Usually leaks of information give away the surprise before it happens so I always rejoice when a sequel to a game I really enjoy is announced out of left field. Today, I am really excited because Overkill Software has announced the followup to their co-op heist FPS game Payday: The Heist with Payday 2. While not much about the game is known yet, we expect to get more information within the next few days. 

Payday The Heist was one of my favorite shooters of 2011. No other game has captured the excitement and fun of storming a bank or a museum, looting goods and making a fast getaway all while the police on on your tail. I will absolutely be keeping my eye on this game. 

Did you enjoy the first Payday? What would you like to see in the sequel? Let us know in the comment section.