Now Loading for the week of March 10, 2013: Swarming Vengeance Edition

by: Jeremy -
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We’re looking at another huge week for the industry this week with a variety of high-profile releases hitting stores both online and off. Between a new expansion for Starcraft 2, God of War, and a Darkstalkers compilation, gamers should be plenty busy this week. Those games in particular lead our recommendations for the week:
  1. Darkstalkers: Resurrection- Capcom’s compilation package of the second and third Darkstalkers games will hit digital outlets this week on the PS3 and 360. The package consists of both classic games with remastered, HD visuals, full online multiplayer support, and a variety of in-game unlockables. Long time fans of the series, including myself, are both excited for the new release and hopeful that this is simply groundwork for an entirely new entry in the series; Darkstalkers 4 is WAY overdue.
  2. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm- The long-awaited expansion to Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 finally arrives this week. The new chapter of the planned-trilogy will take things roughly 20 years after the events of Wings of Liberty and chronicle the tale of Sarah Kerrigan. There are also a handful of new units for the game and changes from the original release in terms of existing units and buildings. The servers for the game should go live tomorrow which will open the flood gates for reviews, including our own which you can expect very soon.
  3. God of War: Ascension - The biggest title this week is undoubtedly Sony Santa Monica’s latest God of War release: God of War- Ascension. Kratos’ latest adventure is yet another trip back in time, taking place prior to the main trilogy. Sure, we may be seeing a more “human” side of the eventual God of War, but the adventure is as epic as ever. The scale of battle is still huge and the gameplay is as tight as ever. Unfortunately, our review copy arrived a little late so our review isn’t quite ready yet, but you can expect that either later this week or early next; expect some detailed impressions later today however. Plus, the development team is dipping their toes into some new waters with a full multiplayer offering which we previewed a while back which could set the standards for the future of the franchise. Definitely check this one out!
As for everything else available, check out this week’s full release list: