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Battlefield 3: End Game expansion pack released today...for PSN Premium members anyway

by: Russell -
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For those who still play Battlefield 3's multiplayer, you can now enjoy four all-new maps with the new Battlefield 3: End Game expansion pack.  You can race through enemy lines with the new dirt bike, fight back against aerial assaults with the new lightweight AA vehicles, and take part in the return of two classic Battlefield game modes; Capture the Flag and Air Superiority.  All of this is now available today.

Well, if you're a PS3 Premium member anyway it is.

The expansion pack is being released in waves, with PS3 Premium members able to pick it up today while Xbox 360 and PC Premium members can get it on March 12th.  Beyond that, the rest of the PS3 owners can get the pack on March 19th with the remaining Xbox 360 and PC members getting to pick it up on March 26th.  Not sure why they staggered it like that, but oh well.