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Now Loading for March 4, 2013: Take Your Pick Edition

by: Jeremy -
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We’re going to do things a little differently this week and from now on with the Now Loading feature. In addition to highlighting the full list of official releases for a given week, we’re going to give our picks of the top 3 titles of the week as well, along with a little more information about those games.

This is a huge week for the industry and simply the start of what will be a gigantic month. March has an incredibly line up and it is coming out of the games swinging! There are plenty of choices for you this week, but you might want to pay special attention to the following games (in no particular order):

Tomb Raider: Everything old is new again, or at least it is this week. The original video game vixen is back this week with the reboot of Tomb Raider for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Lara is back but not exactly in the way we all remember her. This time around we’re going back in time and learning Ms. Croft’s origin story and seeing exactly what made her into the badass, gun-toting adventurer that took the world by storm on the original PlayStation.

The reviews of the game started hitting last week and have been giving the game constant praise. The new vision of Lara appears to be greatly appreciated as the focus is now on great story telling and excellent gameplay rather than just a hot girl with with guns. Our own review is coming soon and let’s just say that our own Cyril was very impressed. You will definitely want to put this one on your list of games to check out!

SimCity: See, I told you that everything old was new again! The second big title this week is another reboot of a classic series with the relaunch of SimCity on PC’s. EA and the developer Maxis are ready to make the series a staple on the PC platform once again thanks to an entirely new game engine and the inclusion of a new, multiplayer component. John and Travis had a blast with the beta version earlier this year and Travis will be bringing you our official review of the game in the very near future.

MLB 13 The Show: Personally, I love the landscape of the sporting game genre in our industry. Instead of one company producing what are considered the best games with each different sport, we have a variety. Madded / EA are the obvious leaders (and only option) when it comes to the NFL; 2K has a monarchy on the NBA franchise; and Sony may be the title holder for the MLB. This week will see releases of new MLB games from both Sony and 2K but Sony’s “The Show” series has taken the edge in the past couple of years. This year’s edition launches this week with cross save features supported in both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game. We have both versions in-house currently and are running them through the review process, so look forward to seeing those very shortly (heads up, it appears to be as solid as ever).

Full listing of this week’s releases: