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Sinestro and Hawkgirl ready for battle in Injustice

by: John -
More On: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Well, at least we're branching out from the Batman territory here. It seemed like a lot of the characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us were coming from Bruce Wayne's side of things. Not today.

Hawkgirl and Sinestro has been announced as the next round of reveal of characters for Injustice. Sinestro is the head of the Yellow Lanterns and the nemesis of the Green Lantern, of course. While the Thanagarian princess, Hawkgirl, makes her fifth appearance in a video game.

Hawkgirl seems like a good choice and I'd probably rather have her in it than Hawkman. She really was one of the better characters in the Justice League Unlimited series. Sinestro I can take or leave. He was never one that really popped out for me. But, glad to see these two included in the game, which I can't really wait for after reading the comic prequel.

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