#PlayStationMemories tops Twitter trends

by: Randy -
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To bastardize a line from Super Troopers, "Nostalgia is a stinky cologne." But Twitter don't care. Wednesday, as the clock counted down to the Sony PlayStation 2013 Conference--where Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4--gamers pushed #PlayStationMemories to the top of Twitter's trends.

So, we sprayed a little Nostalgia on ourselves and recounted a few of our own PlayStation memories.

Sean Colleli
Sorry, I was a late-comer to the house of PlayStation. I got a PS2 very late, in 2006, just to play Guitar Hero, and only got into other PS stuff when I started collecting old games and systems. While I acknowledge the quality of their products, I've never had much allegiance to the brand because everything they make is the freaking Rolls Royce of consumer electronics and it's takes at least three years after launch until it's affordable. For example, I love my PS3--which I only got 
last year--but I wish it would've been less than $500 much earlier in its lifespan so I could've invested most of my money in getting games for it instead of the clunky, ad-choked Xbox 360. As for best memories? The infamously awful "I want a PSP for Xmas" ad campaign from 2006.

Jeremy Duff
My fondest PS-related memory? Probably picking up my first PS2. I was really late to the game in terms of getting one, I was more of an Xbox guy for most of the last generation. When I did finally pick up a PS2, I was blown away at all of the great games I had missed in my time without a system. Imagine picking up a system for the first time and having a selection like Ratchet & Clank, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, and Final Fantasy X...that is one hell of a launch lineup, even if it was just my personal launch of the platform.

Randy Kalista
The entire rise and fall of my never-happened rap career took place between 8:00 PM and midnight for two years in San Diego's Naval Base barracks. Eyes feeling all salty, staring at the Tetris-block screens of the MTV Music Generator on PSone, splicing hip hop beats with classical composers like Wagner and Haydn. Despite my efforts, I still don't have a $30,000 Jesus piece to hang around my neck.

John Yan
My fondest memory was picking up the PlayStation 2. It was a console I was pretty excited about since I had such great times with the PSX. Since it played my old games, I was able to transition to it pretty well. So what made that launch day memorable? Well, I was given a call to pick one up on launch day having pre-ordered one ages ago. I was going to pick one up after work. Before I did, I heard on the news of how some folks got mugged for their PS2 walking out of a local mall near me. It just so happens I didn't live in a very safe area at the time so my friend and I were pretty cautious carrying ours out to the car in the parking lot. It was also how I knew my girlfriend at the time and my wife now loved me. She let me put the entire purchase on her credit card because I was out of money.