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02/19 PS Store update brings more free games!

by: Jeremy -
More On: PlayStation Plus
Another week on the PlayStation Store, more free games!

Sony has announced some of the special bonuses and titles being added to the PlayStation Plus program with this week’s PlayStation Store update. This week’s update will bring 2 new games to the Instant Game Collection in the form of Vanquish for the PlayStation 3 (one of my personal favorites) and Mega Man Maverick hunter X for PSP / Vita.

Discounts are headed to both the Dust 514 starter pack (free for PS Plus members) and the new Urban Trial Freestyle which launches this week (20% for both platforms). Today is also your last chance to grab Retro City Rampage and Payday: The Heist for free as they will be rotated out of the available choices in the Instant Game Collection with this week’s update.