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Sony's history of the PlayStation

by: John -
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We're at 2 days and counting for what should be the reveal of the next PlayStation. Sony's looking back at their history in the gaming arena. I remember when I first bought the PlayStation as described in the first video and really was blown away by the hockey game at the time. 

The PlayStation 2 was an even better machine with backwards compatibility to the PSX, a DVD-Rom, and network capability that was put in later on down the road. I spent a ton of time playing online with a friend in Champions of Norrath. The console was just awesome and it still sits in my basement today with the hard drive attachment that went unused.

The PlayStation 3 was one that I didn't get too excited about. The technology seemed pretty good, but I just remember the broken promises and many changes to the system when launched as well as the high price that Sony was charging. I broke down eventually and picked one up to review some games, but it's been one of the least touched consoles in my household. I can't even remember the last time I turned it on, to be honest.

So that brings us up to what we have in store for Wednesday. Again, I'm at a point where I'm not that excited about a launch, but I'm hoping Sony's showing on Wednesday can change my mind. I'd love to see Sony bring out all their big guns for the show and wow us with what they have for the next generation.