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Capture The Flag is coming to Battlefield 3!

by: Nathan -
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Kinda weird that this wasnt already in the game to begin with buy nonetheless Capture The Flag is coming to Battlefield 3 in the new End Game DLC pack. 

First off Battlefield 3 brings in the new dirt bike which will allow you to quickly escape from enemies when bringing the enemy flag back to base. A passenger can also hop on the bike to provide extra support.

The rules of capture the flag in Battlefield 3 are pretty much what you expect. Storm the enemy base, capturing their flag and bringing it back to your base to score points. Points cannot be scored however unless your flag is back at your home base. 

Capture The Flag along with the End Game DLC will be available in March! More info on the End Game DLC is coming soon and we will give you the details as they become available.