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Nintendo Download for February 14, 2013

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo is checking in with the Nintendo Download and taking things a bit easier than they have over the past couple of months. A slower week doesn’t mean a barren week however, as there are still plenty of new titles to be found:
  • Dig Dug for 3DS on Nintendo eShop
  • Moke Moke for 3DS and DSi on Nintendo eShop and DSiShop
  • NARUTO Powerful Shippuden (demo version) for 3DS on Nintendo eShop
  • Petz Fantasy 3D for 3DS on Nintendo eShop
  • Rabbids Travel in Time 3D for 3DS on Nintendo eShop
  • Wii Street U (powered by Google) for Wii U on Nintendo eShop
  • World Heroes 2 Jet for Wii on Virtual Console
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