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PS3 and PC gets Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC on February 28th

by: Nathan -
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Xbox players have been enjoying the new Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC for a few weeks now but the wait will soon be over for PS3 and PC players as the DLC goes on sale for them on February 28th. 

If you forgot, Revolution contains four new multiplayer maps a new Zombies map and game mode and a new gun. 

Hydro - A hydro-electric plant in Pakistan which floods with very little warning killing anyone in the area.
Grind - A skate park in Venice Beach California.
Downhill - A Ski resort in the French Apls and includes a moving gondola system that will kill anyone that gets in its way.
Mirage - A luxury resort located in China's Gobi Desert.
Die-Rise - Zombies map where players are dropped into a maze a crumbling sky scrapers.
"Turned" - A new game mode for Zombies that allows players to control the zombies
Peacekeeper SMG - A brand new SMG gun for multiplayer

The DLC pack will cost $14.99 or you can get all the maps instantly upon release with the $49.99 seasons pass.