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The Last of Us delayed a few more weeks until June 14th

by: John -
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May 7th was suppose to be the release date for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Well, not so anymore. Gamespot received word that the game will now instead be launching June 14th.

Naughty Dog recently released some new screenshots and video of the game in action. It looked pretty good, but it seems the folks at Naughty Dog will need another month or so to polish things up. And that's OK in my book as I'd rather companies take time to get it right than to rush a project out the door.

The Last of Us is probably Sony's last big console exclusive before the next PlayStation comes along so Sony might be going out with a bang on this one. That's not to say there won'[t be any more titles released for the PS3, but as far as highly anticipated first party titles go, this might be the swan song for the console.

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