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The next Xbox insider info is nothing to get upset about....yet...

by: John -
More On: Xbox One
The next Xbox will... are we doing this again? The gaming community was up in arms again when Edge threw some more info they grabbed from "sources with first-hand experience". Normally, I'd be one of the same people calling for changes, but not this time around.

You see, I've learned that there's no use to be upset or get too emotionally invested in these reports anymore. Hell, it's no use to even get upset over things that the company says the system will have themselves. Remember when Sony was touting the new controller and features like multiple Ethernet ports and two HDMI ports on the PlayStation 3? All that changed when the console was finally released, although some can argue that the controller change was due to public pressure.

Sometimes these reports pan out, but sometimes they don't. I've adopted a wait and see approach whereby I'll take into account what the companies themselves say, rather some anonymous "insider" because things can change drastically even after announcements by the companies themselves. If Microsoft or Sony actually come out and say we're going to do something that's not right in the consumer's eyes, then it's time to voice your opinion. Until then, it's just really wasted energy and I'd rather spend my time enjoying what I have now than worry about some "insider" report that might not even come to fruition.