Take a look at the infected and more for The Last of Us

by: John -
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I don't remember if there were better glimpses of the infected folks in The Last of Us before, but you can sure get a nice close up now thanks to Game Watch. While the site's in Japanese, the pictures speak volumes as you get a good look at some of the creatures you'll be going up against.

They look to have various grades of mutations and pretty scary. Now, the demo a year ago only showed regular humans hunting down the pair, but the new screenshots here really convey the horror of what the protagonists can face out in the world.

Now watching the video, I can't help wonder why the flashlight or the sound of gun fire doesn't attract these things to you. Are they blind and deaf? It's hard to tell and I don't know if the article says why. I'd like to know because it would seem that the combat shown in the video would draw a ton of these infected guys to you rather then having wander around, even with the light shining on them

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