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Thumpback and Eye-Brawl characters announced for Skylanders Giants

by: Travis -
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Eye-Brawl and Thumpback are two of the new figurines that will be joining the roster of characters available for use in the widely-popular Skylanders Giants. With the addition of these characters, the roster of giants now totals seven that players can select from for use in their adventures.

The water element giant Thumpback previously was a crew member of the pirate ship The Phantom Tide to fulfill his passion of fishing. The undead element giant Eye-Brawl is described as one of the most powerful Skylanders because of it's combination of a headless giant and flying eyeball, both of which joined together after a hundred-year battle. The headless giant and flying eyeball realized they would be far more powerful if they set aside their quarrels and join together as one Skylander.

Both figurines are now available for purchase at retailers.