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Guild Wars 2 expands with the Flame and Frost: Prelude on January 28

by: Travis -
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Developer ArenaNet has revealed the additional content and features that will be included as part of an upcoming update to Guild Wars 2 titled the Flame and Frost: Prelude. Scheduled to launch on January 28, the update will encompass a new storyline that is said to be a prologue to major changes to the game's world in the upcoming months. In terms of new features, the player versus player eight-team and three-round paid tournaments will switch to a two-team and single-round setup on the new Temple of the Silent Storm map. After the new tournament's initial week, it will become a permanent addition to the player versus player rotation.

The achievement system will receive a new rotation of daily achievements that are described to function as further incentive for players to explore the game's world. The achievement interface will also receive a new area to track daily and monthly achievement progress. As well, the new achievement currency of laurels can be used to redeem the newly-added Ascended gear and Infusions.

Another major feature of the January update is the addition of a guesting system that will allow players to adventure with friends on different worlds. Lastly, general improvements will be included for the game's world versus world component, dynamic level adjustment system, and interface. Visit the Guild Wars 2 website for further details on the upcoming January update.