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Resident Evil Revelations coming to consoles later this year

by: Nathan -
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For those who hated Resident Evil 6 (I actually enjoyed it) CAPCOM has announced some news that may soften the blow. The originally 3DS exclusive title Resident Evil Revelaitons Revelations will be heading to the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii-U on May 21st in the US and the 24th in EU. The game will be released as a $49.99 physical disk or a digital version for PS3 and PC the same day. Xbox360 and Wii-U digital version will follow. No word yet on if the digital version will cost less then the psysical copy but if recent trends tell us anything it probably wont. 

Anyways the console version will be a port of the 3DS version with added features including HD Graphics, lighting and new additions to Raid Mode including Hunk who will be added as a playable character. A new enemy, a harder difficulty, a new raid weapon and custom parts will also be added.

All joking aside Resident Evil Revelations is a very good game, one of the best on the 3DS and a worthy addition to the Resident Evil series in my opinion. If Resident Evil 5 and 6 left a sour taste in your mouth and you want something to help cleanse your palate, Resident Evil Revelations should help. 

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