Are you tired of your face? Borderlands 2 has you covered.

by: Nathaniel -
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Man, there is a metric frak-ton of stuff to do in Borderlands 2.  The number of customization options and gear combos must make the national debt look like that quarter your weird uncle found behind your ear that one time long after you were too old to be impressed by such displays of uncle-magic.

Anyway, it's about to get worse - or better, depending on how you look at it.  Starting today, you can download three different "themes."  These "theme" consist of three sets of five individual matching heads and skins for all five characters.  Each theme, called Dominion, Madness, and Supremacy will run you 80 Microsoft Points/$0.99.

Correction: Each head and skin combo is 80 MSP/$0.99, rather than the whole theme.  So that's 80MSP/$0.99 x 15 rather than x3 if you were interested in buying all of them.

You can read more about these sets at