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News Roundup -- FIFA Cell: Double Manager

by: Randy -
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Thanks to Atomic Gamer, MMORPG.com, Killer Betties, and Legit Reviews for today's News Roundup.

Did somebody say "free demo"?
  • Yes.  Somebody did.  In fact that freebie is for The Guild 2 (no, not Guild Wars Factions).  Oh, snag the v1.2 patch if you already have The Guild 2.
  • You'll never be successful if you don't set a few GOOOOOAAAAALS!  Then go supervise the FIFA Manager 07 demo.
  • This is the third time you've had to answer the call.  Call of Duty 3 flexes its multiplayer features.
  • There can be only Juan.  Here's the San Juan movie in Need for Speed Carbon, along with Silverton and Canyons.
  • Call in the D&D S.W.A.T.  Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics unsheaths a preview.
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