Dragonborn comes to the PC and all three Skyrim DLCs coming to the PS3

by: John -
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Well, a bit of good news from Bethesda today. First up, the latest DLC, Dragonborn, will be available on the PC AND PS3 in February. The PC version goes live on February 5th, or the day I take off of work. The PS3 version comes sometime in February.

That's not all for the PS3 peeps. Hearthfire and Dawnguard, the two previous DLCs, will finally be available on the PS3. No time table, but they are saying all three will be out for the PS3 by February. Not only that, but you'll be able to buy then at 50% off during the first week. So, that's a nice little throw in there for those that have been waiting a while for the Skyrim DLCs to show up on the PS3.
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